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IGEL Team No. 1- An mysterious Farm Holiday (novel series for children)

This is the first volume in the children's book series IGEL-Team.

Ingo, George, Enzo, and Lisa have a holiday and spend it on a farm. The four children see many posters of missing cats hung out in the city, and suspect a crime. They become detectives, form a detective club, and give it the name IGEL-Team. Their first investigations lead into an exciting adventure.






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Holiday planning

Enzo sat at the lunch table of the Seifert family, and took one more French dinner roll. Enzo, an Italian boy, lived in the neighbourhood only a few houses further. He spent most of his time with the Seifert family because his parents had a pizzeria and had only a little time for their son. Every day after school and on weekends, he went to his best friends Lisa, Ingo, and George, and stayed until after the dinner in the evening. Enzo was a sweet boy, 12 years old, a bit chubby and had black curly hair.

The 11-year-old Lisa watched critically Enzo who fished the roll out of the breadbasket. Quickly she slapped on his fingers and Enzo scared. "Enzo, that's enough! You have eaten enough," said Lisa played strictly.

"But I must eat something!" moaned Enzo with a teasing smile.

"Lisa! Let Enzo alone!" warned her mother, who stood at the counter in the kitchen, baking a cake.

George laughed. "It's no terrible, Mum. Lisa has just kidding."

George was Lisa's big brother in the truest sense of the word. He was very tall for his 13 years that he looked like a 19-year-old boy.

Her mother wiped her hands on her white apron, turned to the children. "By the way, we will drive in the town of Daisendorf in our holidays."

"That's really true?" said Lisa surprised. "Where is it and what is there?"

"It is on Lake Constance. We will spend on a farm there our summer holidays," said Mrs. Seifert solemnly.

Lisa thought immediately of animals. "That's great, Mom! This is a beautiful surprise!"

George was enthusiastic. "We will go to a farm? That sounds like fun. Can we horseback riding there?"

"Yes, they have a horse farm," said Mrs. Seifert.

"Hooray!" called Lisa. "We'll spend on a farm our holiday!"

Mother nodded contentedly. "Daisendorf is only three kilometres from Lake Constance away."

Ingo was reading on his eBook reader, how always. Usually, while reading, he did nothing see or hear around from him. However, he looked up and adjusted his glasses on this day. "Yes, this village is three kilometres from the lake away, I can confirm that. Incidentally, the Lake Constance is with an area of 539 square kilometres and a depth of 252 metres the largest lake in Germany."

Ingo was 12 years old and with his glasses, he looks particularly smart. Moreover, he was smart undoubtedly. Besides learning for school, adventure trips with his scout group, was reading one of his favourite occupations.

George asked, "Mom, may we swim in the lake there?"

"Yes, we want to go swimming in Lake Constance," said Lisa.

Mrs. Seifert smiled. "Of course you can swim, children. The lake is the main reason we will spend our holidays there. You can make whatever you want. Horse riding, hiking, swimming, have a picnic and many more."

Enzo smiled, but at the same time, he looked sad. "It sounds beautiful on a farm at Lake Constance to spend the holiday. I wish you all a good time. I will miss you much. For pass my time, I can help my parents in the pizzeria. It's no problem."

The pizzeria of Enzo's parents was open seven days a week. Therefore, the Vangelista family had never time for holidays. Enzo had understanding for this, and it was not bothering him. He was very happy for his friends, although he not wanted to spend his holidays without them.

"Do you want to come with us, Enzo?" asked Mrs. Seifert with a grin.

Enzo looked at her in surprise. "Please what? You are not kidding, Mrs. Seifert? It's namely not funny."

"No, Enzo. I'm not kidding," she said. "Your parents know you very well. They knew you want to come with us, and wanted to surprise you. Therefore, they has given us the money and we could book for you timely."

"Hooray!" yelled George, Lisa, Ingo, and Enzo all together.

Enzo could not believe his luck. He jumped up from his chair, and hugged Mrs. Seifert friendly. "Thank you, Mrs. Seifert. You are saving my life because I would have me boring alone in the holiday time. Moreover, I'm looking forward to the farm."

Lisa got up from her chair. "Let's not waste time and let's pack now! What are we waiting for?"

"No hurry, Lisa. We don't depart before Saturday," said Mrs. Seifert, "Till then that's a few more days."

Ingo raised her eyebrows. "That lasts four days! You could have told us the message about the holiday later, Mum. Now we must be waiting a very long time."

"Yes, is it not beautiful? Think about, anticipation is the greatest joy," said his mother. "Now you are having time enough for pack your luggage."

"Yes, Ingo", said George. "Don't forget to download eBooks enough! It would be inconceivable if you have no reading material during the holidays."

Lisa chuckled. "And don't forget your laptop! You would sit around and cry all day."

Mrs. Seifert shook her head. "Don't are teasing Ingo!"

"Exactly," agreed Ingo his mother. "Stop making fun of me. It wouldn't hurt for you, to read more, too."

"Why I should read when I can ride horses, swim, or go hiking? I'm looking forward to the horses," cheered Lisa.

"Are any chickens, pigs, and cows there?" asked Enzo.

"Yes, sure are many animals there. I think are even ducks there," said Mrs. Seifert. "It's no wonder then it's a farm."

George was also happy, "That's terrific. We will swim in Germany's largest lake!" 

"That's great," said Ingo expectantly. "I want to milk a cow. I always wanted to try that."


Departure to the farm

The next four days just passed slowly. The children had already packed their bags and could not await the departure. However, four days passed. Saturday morning, the children packed their last things. Meanwhile, Mr. Seifert checked the oil level, the tire pressure, and the cooling water of the car. Mrs. Seifert prepared the food basket for the break times.

A few moments later, they all sat in the car. Their father drove, Mother sat to next him. Lisa and Enzo were on the middle seats. Ingo and George had made comfortable in the backseat.

Lisa watched the passing landscape. "How long we will drive till Daisendorf?"

"When we take some breaks, about three hours and forty minutes," replied Ingo wisely.

"How far is it?" asked George.

Ingo adjusted his glasses. "It is 246 kilometres. With a journey time of tree hours and forty minutes, that's an average of 82 kilometres per hour."

"Yes, that's right," praised his father. "You've calculated very well."

"Thanks, Dad, but it's not my work," said Ingo modestly. "I have calculated with a route planner on the Internet."

  Enzo closed his eyes and leaned back comfortably. George looked out the window and Ingo read his eBook reader. The day before he had prepared well and downloaded more than enough reading material.

The motorway led through a forest. Warm sunrays coloured the leaves of the treetops light green. The good fresh air flowed through the half-opened car window. The time passed and the kilometres melted away.

After about an hour Enzo made a painful face and rolled around on his seat. "I'm very hungry!" he yelled.

"This is no surprise because you are always hungry, Enzo," said Lisa with a smile.

George grinned. "We will not take a break yet. Unfortunately, you must wait at least still a half hour, Enzo."

Ingo gave Enzo a cereal bar that he pulled out of his olive-green backpack without looking up from his eBook reader.

"Thank you, Ingo," said Enzo happily, took the bar and nibbled on it.

"You're welcome, Enzo. I was preparing well because I've expected, you to get hungry," Ingo replied.

"That's really not very smart from you, Ingo. We have all knew that Enzo would get hungry," said Lisa with a laugh.

George folded his hands behind his head. "Mum, does each of us get our own bedroom?"

Lisa shouted, "Yes, Mum! I want an own bedroom!"

Mother nodded to Lisa. "Lisa gets her own bedroom and the boys sleep together in a double room," she said.

Lisa rubbed happily her hands and George looked at her gloomy. "What? I must sleep with the little kids in the same room?" he complained.

Immediately he felt Ingo's elbow on his upper arm. "Have you said, little kids? I will have complexes because of you. You are a show-off. You are tall, but you are just one year older than Enzo and I."

"But, George," said Mother. "You are their protector and can protect them. That's why you should sleep in the same room with Ingo and Enzo."

George did not think so. Now he liked the idea of responsibility, which was undoubtedly a responsible task. He was very happy with that. "Okay. Thank you for the trust, Mum. I will protect us very well," he agreed proudly.




A few moments later, the children became restless more and more. They slipped around on their seats. Dad went to the next rest area. After parking, Lisa and her mother went to the bathroom at first. Ingo laid a white tablecloth with a green flower pattern on the weathered wooden table, which stood on a small meadow under a shady tree.

The family sat down on the wooden benches at the table. Mother gave all a plastic can, in each were a cucumber, olives, radishes and a double piece of rye bread with salami and cheese. All got a little drink carton of fruit juice to drink. While eating, they watched the cars rushing by on the motorway.

After dinner, the children became restless again, and could not wait to continue their journey. Lisa put the empty cans into the picnic basket. Enzo trashed the empty beverage bags into the trash can, whereupon bees chased him across the square.

"Help me, I'm getting stung," he shouted and fled into the car, all laughed amusedly.

George took the tablecloth and put it in the basket. "Enzo is sitting already in the car," he pointed out what all had seen anyway.

George looked expectantly at his parents. Mr. Seifert and his wife were still sitting quietly, although they had noticed the mood of departure long ago. They did not hesitate any longer and continued their journey towards Meersburg on Lake Constance.


Arrival at the farm

After about 90 minutes, the children approached Meersburg and saw the Lake Constance.

Lisa knelt excitedly on her seat and looked out. "It looks beautiful! That's the lake!"

Ingo put his eBook reader in his backpack, knelt on his seat and stared at the huge silver lake in admiration. "It looks nice."

George pressed his nose against the car window. "It'll be wonderful to swim in the lake."

As expected, Enzo licked his lips and added, "Certainly, there are a lot of tasty fishes living in the lake."

"All you think about is food, Enzo!" chastised Lisa and the others laughed.

"Yes, he is thinking of food because he's hungry again," said Ingo amusedly.

"That's right," confirmed Enzo. "It's long ago since we had last eaten."

George looked at his watch. "It's long ago? That's just 90 minutes ago."

"It's a long time for me," said Enzo with a smile.

Soon they drove through Meersburg, and Mother looked in the map in her hands. "We're almost there, kids. Daisendorf is a neighbouring village of Meersburg."

The children were very excited. They looked in the passing landscape with fields, meadows, and forests. Soon they came to the village of Daisendorf. After a few houses and a curve, they drove at the yard of the farm.

The farmer, an elderly gray-haired man, wore a blue working suit, yellow rubber boots, and a hat. With exaggerated hand movements, he directed his guests to a car park beside the house.

The farmer's wife stood at the door of her yellow brick-house and was already waiting for her guests. She was wearing a green apron, a green scarf and looked like a witch.

Lisa saw the paddock beside the house. "Look! There are the horses!"

Finally, they got out of the car and greeted the farmer. Afterward, Lisa, George, Ingo, and Enzo ran to the wooden fence of the paddock and greeted the animals. A horse came towards the fence. It was a beautiful, brown mare with a silky coat. Lisa caressed her head gently. The animal seemed to like the caressing.

"May we feed them?" asked Lisa the farmer.

The farmer nodded. "You can feed the horses if they are hungry, because many hikers passed here daily, and feed the horses. By the way, she is a mare, and her name is Saraja."

George watched his parents they load their luggage out of the car. "We'll look everything later. Come on, guys. Let's take our luggage to our rooms now."

"Okay," said Lisa and waved to the horse, "Bye, Saraja, see you later!"

With the help of the farmer, they loaded their luggage out of the car and brought it to the house.

The farmer's wife greeted the holiday guests at the door and explained afterward, "The breakfast buffet is daily from 7 AM to 10 AM. Lunch and dinner are from 11 AM to 11 PM. All sausages and meat products are from our farm. We are offering eggs, tomatoes, various salads, milk, and dairy products, fish from Lake Constance and apples from the region."

Enzo's mouth watered when he heard that. "It will be a nice holiday," he rejoiced.

Then the farmer's wife led her customers to their rooms. Mr. Seifert with his wife got a large double room, just like the three boys. Both rooms were equipped with a cupboard, a double bed, matching bedside tables with bedside lamps, a small table, and a sofa bed.

"I'll sleep on the couch," said Ingo. "Here I can namely put my laptop on the table."

George shrugged his shoulders. "Enzo and I will sleep in the beds. But first, we'll pull apart the beds so we don't disturb each other while sleeping."

"That's a good idea," agreed Enzo.

Lisa, George, Ingo, and Enzo pulled apart the beds and placed the bedside tables between.

Ingo peered out the window. The view was magnificent because directly behind the paddock he saw meadows, fields, and forests. On the horizon was a silvery shimmering line on Lake Constance.

"Okay. I go into my bedroom and unpack my suitcase," said Lisa, whose single room was right next door and offered the same breathtaking view. She crossed the corridor and looked out the window into the courtyard. Her parents' room was at the end of the corridor and the view was just as fantastic.

While the boys were still unpacking, Father came at the door. "Let's unpack and refresh. We'll meet us in the dining room in an hour."

"Okay, see you later," replied Enzo, Ingo, and George in unison.


The discovery tour

As agreed, the children met their parents an hour later for lunch in the dining room.

"After dinner, we want to explore the farm and the surrounding area," said Mr. Seifert. "Do you want to come with us?"

"I don't think so. First, we want to look the farm and the animals," replied George for all, and the other three children nodded in agreement.

"That is no problem. You're welcome to do that," said his father." You are mature enough to take care of yourself. "

"That's right," said George affirmatively.

After eaten, Ingo, George, Enzo, and Lisa explored the farm while their parents went to the village. The children walked through the cackling chickens across the yard. A black bushy cat with white paws and white stomach came curiously to Enzo. Enzo stopped as if rooted, and the animal purred and went around his legs.

Enzo bent down and caressed the cat. "You're so sweet."

Ingo, Lisa, and George could not resist the cat also and bent down to caress it.

The farmer's wife, who was filling the hens' shells, exclaimed, "This is our tomcat. His name is Max."

Tomcat Max purred and enjoyed the caresses of the many children's hands.

"This is a Norwegian forest cat," said Ingo casually. "His long coat is oily and water-repellent." He raised Max's paw. "These tufts of hair between his toes hold the snow away."


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