German Children's book author Heike Noll

Heike Noll, born in the city Kandel in 1968, is a female children's book author and a trained programmer. In 2009, she discovered writing for herself. Adventurous and exciting children's detective stories, which mostly play in free and lush nature, are her passion.


Madam Noll also uses the weather conditions to intensify the tension in her stories. This allows her to create a brilliant and unique atmosphere.


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This I am:

Children's book and romance novelist Heike Noll

Children's book author Heike Noll


My name is Heike Noll. I am a children's author and was born in 1968 in Germany. Since the year 2009, I have devoted myself exclusively to the writing of my books.


Before that time, I developed application software in my own business. The profession of software developer benefits me in my writing. For both, you need creativity, knowledge, and perseverance. Depending on how complex a program or a story is, it creates new challenges. This makes the work interesting, exciting and a lot of fun.


I loved to write essays already in my childhood and I am glad that I could make this my job.




My writing style:

My writing style for children's books is simple, uncomplicated, clear and easy to understand. That is because reading should be relaxing and not exhausting.



I like that:

I also like to read. Whether romance novels or children's book series, the main thing, the books are exciting and interesting writing.


I like picnics, walks or hikes across lush green meadows and through lush forests. I love the natural sounds of wind, rain and singing birds, the wonderful air and the magical colors of nature.


I love flowery and snow-covered landscapes and I like to sit behind the window on cold days reading a book while drinking hot chocolate.



I do not like it:

Looks for cell phones, recklessness, language, food additives, ready meals, and racers.




This I like:

Famous Five by Enid Blyton

Miss Marple by Agatha Christie



My favorite vegetables:

Red cabbage, cabbage, and sauerkraut are my favorites. They taste good and are healthy. However, I also like all other vegetables.


That is how I live and work:

We live near the forest, where you hear the echoing calls of the forest birds at night. During the day, the birds are whirring through the front yard and twittering about the bet.


I like all the weather. Precipitation cleans the air and preserves the impressive variety of plants. It is just fantastic. Cold winter days invite you to sit by the window with a hot chocolate. A snow-covered landscape encourages me to go outside and romp in the snow. The autumn enchants with its colorful splendor. Spring beguiles the senses with its rich colors and wonderful scents. The golden light and the pleasant warmth of summer are just soothing.

Every day I sit at the computer, write my books and occasionally let my eyes wander out of the window, where the bright green leaves and needles of the plants fascinate me again, again and promote my writing creativity. I listen to the twittering of birds and in the summer to the sound of bathing birds refreshing in the birdbath outside my window. Great writing ideas come to me also with soothing walks through the great outdoors. Take a virtual tour of my home to see exactly how I live.




Fun at work:

Although writing requires a lot of concentration and is tedious and exhausting on some days, I love it very much. I love to make my stories enjoyable to my readers, to entertain them and to lead them into a world full of exciting adventures. Reading is not only fun, it is also healthy because it promotes relaxed and demonstrable brain function. In a sense, I even contribute a positive aspect to the health of my readers.



Of course, it would be dishonest if I did not mention that my pay plays a very important role. Therefore, without money, I could be not to write all day long.




I thank you:

I am very happy that I have made writing my main activity. I owe this to my dear readers and to the lovely parents, who enrich the childhood and later childhood memories of their loved ones with my exciting adventures.


♥ I would like to thank you herewith ♥




 Like every author, I am looking forward to every new reader and every evaluation and recommendation and thank you in advance for it.



 Likewise, I thank you for the many e-mails I receive every day.

 Many thank my dear fans



your female author:

Heike Noll

Translation from German to English

The stories and the website are german in the original and were translated by the Google translator and Heike Noll