About the IGEL-Team

The stories of the children's book series are suitable for boys and girls for a reading age of 7 to 12 years.

⯈ Here are the profiles of the children's detectives, the heroes of the children's book series IGEL-Team, which solve many a difficult case.

Information about the children detectives of the book series

The IGEL-Team:
In the book series IGEL-Team Ingo, Georg, Enzo and Lisa from Bad Bergzabern founded the children detective agency IGEL-Team. Together, they tell criminals to fight. The four children detectives of the IGEL team cannot hide anything. With detective instinct, courage, skill and intelligence they solve every case.

Profiles from the members of the IGEL-Team

Ingo Seifert

Name: Seifert
First name: Ingo

Eye color: green
Hair color: brown
Age: 12
Size: 165 cm
Career aspiration:

nature researcher

Hello, dear reader. I am 12 years old and my name is Ingo Seifert. I am told that I am very clever, which is not really so wrong. I have a scout training and am also very skilled otherwise.

I read a lot and do a lot of research and internet research to gain knowledge because, as everyone knows, knowledge is power.

I'm the leader and shrewd head of the team, taking care of the planning and evaluating our investigation.

I can also crack some unleashed tricks and some door locks if they are not security locks.

I am interested in many things, but I love scientific experiments or content.

My shelves are full of books and my e-reader is full of reading material. I like to read textbooks as well as adventure and detective stories.

Georg Seifert

Name: Seifert

First name: Georg



Eye color: blue

Hair color: brown

Age: 13

Size: 176 cm

Career aspiration:


plane Pilot




I am Georg and I am 13 years young. Because I am tall and strong, I am often estimated at 19 years.


Of course, I am also braver by my strength and size and I am the protector of the team.


I am interested in technology and especially in aircraft technology.


In my room hang posters of aircraft types and model airplanes. Of course, I also have books about airplanes.

Enzo Vangelista

Name: Vangelista
First name: Enzo

Eye color: brown
Hair color: black
Age: 12
Size: 162 cm
Career aspiration:

Gourmet chef with own restaurant


I am Enzo, I am Italian and live in the neighborhood of the Seiferts. My parents own a pizzeria and therefore have little time for me. That's why I spend most of my time with the Seiferts.

I am 12 years old, a bit chubby and often get hungry.

I can perfectly imitate animal sounds. For the group I therefore often take over the sentry, but also in dangerous situations, I like to provide for surprises and often help us out of trouble.

Everything that has to do with food interests me. I like to cook and also like to try new creations. But I also make sure that it is healthy.

Lisa Seifert

Name: Seifert
First name: Lisa

Eye color: blue
Hair color: blond
Age: 11
Size: 158 cm
Career aspiration:

animal doctor


I'm Lisa, I'm 11 years old and I'm the smallest of the team.

I am very quick, fast, athletic and persistent.

I always have the edge in pursuit.

In the group, I'm well suited as a decoy or press myself through narrow passages where others are not fit to fetch help.

I am interested in nature and especially in animals and their diets. In my room, there are numerous books about animals and lots of posters and pictures of animals.

I also like doing sports, playing ball, walking or swimming with the boys. As a detective, I also like memory training.

Worth knowing about the children's book series IGEL-Team


Time expiration:
The children of Heike Noll's IGEL-Team are timeless.
That is, they do not age, no matter how long the stories go on.

The locations of the children's book series:
The stories mainly play in Germany. The venues are mostly real and can actually be visited.

Where do the stories of the children's book series IGEL-Team take place?
The children detectives of the IGEL-Team live in Germany, in Bad Bergzabern (Rhineland-Palatinate). The IGEL-Team solves cases worldwide.